We also do special case services that include with every shipment we handle. Our basic tracking will allow you to search all of your shipment details and export them to excel. Our tracking module from web desktop provides you with a dashboard, featuring key statistics and graphs, track and sort through shipments, and view a calendar that shows when your shipments are arriving, while also including our basic tracking.

Capital Logistics and Express Ltd. has been providing International courier service, Logistics support as well as Local Delivery service to provide the clients with the most professional, fast & dependable delivery services using advanced Technology.
Export & Import Livestock, Cold Chain Product, Temperature Control, Dangerous Good.




Our team members will work together to provide you with a personalized, 24/7 service. While our expertise stuff will assess your specific needs to put together the perfect logistics plan, even in the special situation. You can be assured that we will handle your shipment operations to ensure your imports and exports get from point A to point B smoothly.If you need to move freight that requires specialized handling, transport, and storage, it’s important to find a trusted logistics partner with the specific expertise required. Our teams have the expertise, specialized equipment and processes in place to provide end-to-end logistics solutions for a range of dangerous, valuable and highly monitored freight.

From the safe transport of live animals to the secure delivery of precious art collections to galleries around the world, we offer reliable freight services no matter your cargo type.

We provide safe, secure transport services for a wide range of freight types – from dangerous goods to live animals and art collections, we have the accredited expertise to handle your specialized cargo.


  • Livestock Handling
  • Special Container with Controlled Temperature for Cold Chain Products,
  • Hazardous and Dangerous Goods Handling
  • Charter service is available for customers with exclusive needs to uplift special or dedicated cargo to a specific destination

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